Nuts & Vegan (Organic)

Nut House is a 100% vegan shop born in Curaçao, now also available on Bonaire. They started out as a local home business roasting nuts in a small oven, because nuts from great quality were not accessible. Soon other people on the island got excited and this is where Nut House was born.

Now they are well known for their freshly oven-roasted nuts that have a crunch you can't resist. Besides nuts they sell a wide variety of dried fruits, seeds, butters and other powerfoods from high quality. Nut House puts a lot of love and care in their products which are artisanally made.

The mission of Nut House is to make healthy living effortless, simple and tasty. They strive to spread the goodness of healthy living by educating both people from Curaçao and Bonaire about the simplicity of a naturally nutrient-dense - life with the local community.

Dried fruits