Beef (Canada)

Canarbo beef products are all imported to Bonaire directly from the Canadian processor. The unique flavor attributed to Canada Beef, is that the animals are fed half of their life with pasture, and half of it with a mix of cereals and grains.

Our selection of beef cuts are ordered with nothing less than the highest quality available at an affordable price point.

The Canadian Beef Grades that we inventory on Bonaire are AAA, AA, and A. The assortments of beef cuts can range from Rib Eye, Tenderloins, Picanha, Ground Beef, Brisket and more.

The beef originally arrives fresh, then depending on shelf life the product will eventually be stored in our up-to-date walk-in freezer.

Rib Steak Bone-in AAA
Carnitas-Pulled Pork
All our beef products are grass fed and grain fed
Ground Beef Angus Pride AAA 81/19 and our Buns from Montreal